Sweat & Glitter

by Jerusafunk

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Nathan Langlois
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Nathan Langlois I played this album on repeat for a colony of ants and their numbers multiplied at an alarming rate.
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released December 29, 2015

Chris Del Favero: Guitar/ Vocals/ Güira
Jessie Demaree: Clarinet/ Vocals
Elliott Fox: Tenor Sax/ Flute/ Bass Clarinet
Austin Rickert: Alto Sax
Torrey McDannald: Trumpet/ Flugel Horn
Joe Amos: Tenor Sax
Zack Parker: Guitar
Ike Parker: Bass Guitar
Jeremy Lentz: Drum Set
Brandon Minch: Bongos/ Djembe/ Tambourine/ Belly Dancing Jingles/ Shaker
Caleb Michel: Congas
Spencer K. Hawley: Glockenspiel/ Saw/ Shaker

Photography by Rose Torres


all rights reserved



Jerusafunk Phoenix, Arizona

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Track Name: Vulgar Bulgar
Sometimes I think of you undressed
Think about your chest
Think of all the ways you make me cum
And now I'm yurnin for your hips
Yurn to get my fix
Yurn to taste and feast off of your love

Now let me bathe in that sweat
Bathe in all that wet
Bathe until I'm clean of purities
You got me scratchin at the door
Scratchin for some more
Scratch that itch you oh so cruelly tease
Track Name: Gateway Movement
I take that lustful touch
I give but not too much
I eat you for my lunch
I'm a glutten for your funk
A king and a boaster
A tooshie burnin roaster
A holy roller coaster
Gonna make you scream

Worshipin that body
It's mythologic

Graceful animalism
Sensitive sadism
Lusty primitive wisdom
With an innate eroticism
A trascendental tour
From the bed to the floor
Navigate on all fours
Gonna show you round the world

Worshiping that body
It's just so mythologic

Blow some bubbles on your lips
Lovely champagne sips
Electric fingertips
Too hot for oven mitts
So effective with your diction
Spit sexual non- fiction
It's my poetic addiction
To juxtapose my erection

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