The Hierophant

by Jerusafunk

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released June 15, 2017


all rights reserved



Jerusafunk Phoenix, Arizona

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Track Name: Vulgar Bulgar
Sometimes I think of you undressed
Think about your chest
Think of all the ways you make me cum
And now I’m yearning for your hips
Yearn to get my fix
Yearn to taste and feast off of your love

Now let me bathe in that sweat
Bathe in all that wet
Bathe until I’m clean of purities
And now I’m scratching at the door
Scratching for some more
Scratch that itch you oh so cruelly tease
Track Name: La Cumbia Bicuriosa
la cumbia bicuriosa
me hace muy nervioso
la cumbia bicuriosa
el baile ambiguoso

mi muchacha coqueta
ella quiere bailar
no solo conmigo mismo
pero, tambien con mi amigo


con sus manos en mi cadera
floto en la ansiedad
mientras que se mueven, mis pies
se pierden


a la derecha o a la izquierda
mi cuerpo esta confundido
este movemiento poliamoroso
es un placer jodido, no?
Track Name: Gateway Movement
I’ll take that lustful touch
I’ll give but not too much
I’ll eat you for my lunch
I’m a glutton for your funk

A King and a boaster
A tooshie burning roaster
A holy rollercoaster
I’ll make you scream girl, on this ride

Worshipping that body
Worshipping that body
Its so mythologic

Graceful animalism
Sensitive sadism
Lusty primitive wisdom
with the innate eroticism

A transcendental tour
From the bed to the floor
Navigate on all fours
I’ll take you around the world


Blow some bubbles on your lips
Lovely champagne sips
Electric fingertips
Too hot for oven mitts

So effective with your diction
Spit sexual nonfiction
Its my poetic addiction
I’ll just juxtapose my erection
Seducing this homosapien chile is easier than you think
A Cro-Magnon lothario with lascivious instincts
I’ll paint it on the walls that your body is mythical
Primally mused to keep, that splendor eternal
Track Name: Tocame Mifune
amor, tócame todo al dia
nada más, entre crepúsculos
linda, quedemonos en la cama
nada más, entre crepúsculos

quiero claridad en este camino
porque no puedo entender esta sociedad
estoy rodeado de la confusión y destrucción

pero no con usted mi amor
bailamos y cantamos
en nuestra propia realidad
quiero nada más


quiero libertad en este camino
sin expectativas y negatividad
estoy rodeado de la confusión y destrucción
pero no con usted mi amor
abrazamos cada momento
creamos nuestra propia realidad
quiero nadie más
Track Name: Saturnalia
We built a world inside
Of the feminine kind
Just by using our eyes
and rubbing our thighs

Sick of the world outside
Stuck in abysmal time
That posh political tripe
and the gale force sodomy of an economy

Whats left to believe in
this human illusion
there must be a solution

She used me
to discover something
Some hope of being free
she used me, in saturnalia
Forgetting all necessity

We built a world inside
Through a genital grind
Serving the body and mind
For indulgent insight

Fuck the world outside
refuse to oblige
to your cataclysmic lives
and the parasitic beast you call democracy

We got lost
In Salacious debauchery
Abandoning this world

She used me
to discover something
Some hope of being free
she used me in saturnalia
Forgetting all necessity
Just so bogged down
In search of certainty
Betrayed constantly
Pariah en saturnalia
now we’re giving up on all of you

She used me to discover, some hope of being free, Pariah en saturnalia forgetting all necessity,
She used me en saturnalia, finding nothing but apathy
Track Name: Jeckyl's Heckle
I’ve got to leave you woman, before I commit a crime
I’ve got to release woman, before I lose my mind
I’m just too confused to deal with your kind

You put on your dresses, just to show off to the guys
You shake your hips for them woman, give’em a taste of your pie
But when I come around, you just spit out a bunch lies

You tried to lock me up, so I wouldn’t stop you
You tried to butter me up, so I would love you
These mental games are just mental abuse

I gave in to you once, you took advantage of my trust
I tried to believe in you once, but your hearts full of lust
I never thought I’d have a woman this promiscuous

I just can’t live my life, and be worry free
I just can’t be normal, I beg you woman please
My schizophrenic transgender personality is just to extreme
Track Name: Perversenuss
Antique Dogma breeds introversion
Presbyterian sensual deprivation
Prophylactic monopolization
Illusion of sexual perversion

That is not life
That’s a death cult
To live is to touch
to dream is to taste
to be is to share
to exist is to fuck

Whats worse than perverse is to immerse in the curse of abstinence

Apotheosis through copulation
Metamorphosis & Genesis
Transcendence by coital jubilance
Unveiling the world through perversion

This is life
This is human
Not privilege
Not racial
Not cultural
but Reality

Whats worse than perverse is to immerse in the curse of abstinence
Track Name: Respect My Lust
What is it about you that after sex, that makes me want it more
With your body be glistening and your skin be blistering, steaming from the fleshy friction

My body’s waiting too damn long just to watch you catch your breath
With no fuss I must get a touch of your stuff, fuel the fire til I combust

Is the pleasure too overwhelming girl that your soul feels misplaced
Your thoughts dogmatic though divinely erotic you felt God watch you climax

I just want you to respect my lust
Make love, until our bodies turn to dust
I just want you to respect my lust
For tonight, its forbidden to give in to mind body gravitation

You strain my brain when you’re talking tame just dictate your satisfaction
Victorian ruled orgasmic duel position competition

What on earth made you believe that we are bound to space and time
To copulate transcendentally breaks molecules from the mind
You know you should be wanting me

I’m a journey-man Aphrodite
Lost abroad on my feet on my sexual odyssey
And I’m a misguided Odyseus tormented by the mojo gods
Searching low and high
Never satisfied by mere mortal thighs
You know you should be wanting me
I’m a journey-man Aphrodite
Lost abroad on my feet searching for a foreign orgasm
Taking a friend with me who only fucks on full moons
Sacrificing our senses to a lunar harvest
And appeasing the universe with our flesh sacraments

I just want you to respect my lust
Get down and play you for my freaky opus
I just want you to respect my lust
Cause you know that nothing matters more to me in this world
than making you cum again

What is it about you that after sex that makes me want it more
Lets face it girl it’s a physical world I can’t deny whats natural

I just want you to respect my lust
Get down and I will make your pussy blush
I just want you to respect my lust
Lets explore eachother with a strangers touch
Track Name: Stardust Lizard Fruit
Alone adrift through lucid dreams
manifesting mythos obscene
a freaky naz with the genie jeans
Finding secret anatomies

Swimming in the dog moon pool
Opaque with seminal drool
Reflecting celestial jewels
Twinkling til the lights too cruel

And I will walk beside you girl
Clotheless in the dualism
Riding on the serpent girl
Transcending linear motion

Store all my love in your coptic jars
Procure my ideas in nebulous tar
Incantations of sex and war
Upon phallic obelisks that chart the stars

Dancing with Osiris on the Duatʼs shores
My muscles are moved by Homeric lore
Perspiring the ego from every pore
Sitting Gnostic til my mind in sore

Look beyond the skin and bones
Peering at corrupted souls
The pulsing intervenes tones
Vibrates with melodic moans

And this monkeys in reptilian mode
Cold blooded from the puppet show
Basking in the feminine glow
And shedding past parental prose

You wear Christ so rebellious
Bitch Hail Mary like a macabre curse
The Eucharist is your fetish dessert
Your catholic births a penny youʼve kept in your purse- just spend it

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